AutoClicker updated, no more AV problems
MultiPacker updated, added Swedish
translation by Lasseca

 Multiplayer Paint. Share the same drawing area with your friends
269.43 KB

CS 1.6 Winamp Utility v1.7
 Change winamp song from Counter Strike or show your current song in chat
184.58 KB

Colouring CS 1.6 v1.7
 With this you can write coloured text in the chat of Counter Strike 1.6 (Steam client too)
200.99 KB

Yahoo! Avatar Grabber
 Grab anyone's Yahoo! Messenger avatar, even if they are online or not
319.72 KB

Multi Packer v2.12
 Create different types of packed stand-alone applications
1.56 MB

Yahoo! Avatar Joiner
 Join 2 avatars in one
174.55 KB

Enable/Disable SafeMode
 Allows you to enable or disable SafeMode
182.79 KB

Auto Clicker v3.0
 Configure your mouse to AutoClick [fully customizable: interval, clicks, pauses, button, etc]
547.19 KB

CPU Speed
 Shows your real CPU frequency, written in ASM
556 B

Anti CSDoS v3.5
 Provide your Half-Life Dedicated server with protection from CSDoS and Born to be pig exploit
921.5 KB

Counter Strike Server Status v1.6
 Query a Counter Strike server for various informations [players, current map, etc...]
1.35 MB

Analyze It! v2.0
 Inspect a file to find extra information about it. Special section for executables.
1.27 MB

 Tweaker with over 300 tweaks and uttilities
1.46 MB

 Romanian DEX with 80.000 words
2.43 MB

Auto ShutDown
 Set your computer to shutdown automatically after a specified delay
507.49 KB

File String Finder v1.4
 Search for specific strings in every file on your computer
437.73 KB

Huge fake file creator
 Create huge files and make them occupy only 4KB
165.38 KB

Error Messages IDs
 Windows error Message ID's explanations
383.73 KB

Temporary Files Cleaner
 Automatically delete Temporary Files on run and at Windows
248.88 KB

Go Paint!
 An advanced version of Paint, with built-in effects that can be applied on images
1.22 MB

Em@il Sort
 Sort your email list by provider or overall alphabetical
272.49 KB

Unit Measurement Converter
 Convert between hundreds of units of measurement, from 15 categories of units
250.66 KB

Christmas Card
 A simple e-card, in the spirit of Christmas
528.6 KB