AutoClicker updated, no more AV problems
MultiPacker updated, added Swedish
translation by Lasseca


I made this for a software contest, I was given only 24 hours to develop it (including lunch breaks), so there may be some bugs/unoptimized code. When I'll have some more free time I will try to update it / fix some bugs.

It is similar to windows Paint, but the main difference is that you can use this over the internet as a multiplayer drawing game/area. Just start a server, give other users your IP and tell them to connect to it so you can all share the same drawing area. Every modification on one client will be updated instantly to all other clients (and to the server too) automatically.
I have managed to add some nice effects too, like: swap colors, invert colors, brightness, darkness, black and white, colorize, solarize, gray scale, rotation, etc

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Martik: Nice app!

daniel: hyper paint looks useful. might be using it to share images over the network real-time and have a more productive/fun chat session in combination with a small lan chatting client.