AutoClicker updated, no more AV problems
MultiPacker updated, added Swedish
translation by Lasseca

Auto Clicker v3.0

Configure your mouse to AutoClick [fully customizable: interval, clicks, pauses, button, etc]

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You can choose to automatically click your left , middle and right mouse button, set the interval at which the clicks will occur, set pauses between clicks, automatically stop after a desired ammount of clicks.
You can also stop the clicks at any time pressing the F9 key

New in version 2: "Random autostop delays", you can set the AutoClicker to pause the clicking for X miliseconds, where X is a random value that will be randomly generated in the range of Min to Max INCLUSIVE

PS: I rewrote some parts of the AutoClicker and didn't pack the final executable at all, hopefully no more false positives from AVs

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sign: thx it work...

MalacHUN: It is a good software. It's a big help for me, in games. Thank you! :)

Tanix: does it works in online? like M.U?

george: amazing software for games or other use !!!!!!!!!!! get it now

Tony: nice, simple, clean software. A question though - how can it be configured to click indefinitely until stopped (rather than a specifc number of clicks only)?

richard: nice one auto clicker :)

ace: 4/5 nice.. thanks... :P

kishan soni: i belive in shocker

MoMo: can i type while this one is working? ?.?

Deneb B. Bagorio: i need this in playing ran hope it will help me

Chinmay: Its Awesome...
I will use it for mybrowsercash...
Thanks A Lot.

johnoczon: yeah men ! tnks for the clicker ! :)

micko: i want to give flowers to my female character, abd i wawnt i fast..

troy elcid: My hand Aches

Muerte-Dead: This Is A Fabulous Autocliker

Bessame: This is super cool ! I use this is GARENA if i cant enter in full room s !

asa5ka5: Make 0 an infinite amount of click

Strife Sheris: Great software. ty)

Bobbe: My Sister tried and liked, so I am trying also.

Cotunbol: Awesome! but only 1 problem.. cant we choose a start/stop button for the autoclick to start or stop? thanks