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Anti CSDoS v3.5

Provide your Half-Life Dedicated server with protection against the CSDoS and Born to be pig exploit.

Latest version comes with a new skin, posibility to autostart AntiCSDos at Windows startup, option to autopatch servers, etc.

If you want AntiCSDoS to continuously check / patch your servers (if they are not patched, or if the server crashed and was restarted by a 3rd party software), check the "Autocheck & Autopatch all HLDS processes every 3 minutes" checkbox. If a new HLDS process appears (a new PID), it will patch it automatically (it checks every 3 minutes)

If your executable name is other than "hlds.exe", check the "Full process list" checkbox to see all running processes. ATTENTION: You cannot check both "Full process List" and "Autocheck & Autopatch all HLDS processes every 3 minutes" checkboxes! The "Autocheck & Autopatch..." option is for "hlds.exe" executable names ONLY !

v3.3 supports 5000 HLDS processes
v3.5 comes with a fix for the "Host_Error: SV_ParseVoiceData"

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MiSi: plese delete my first post .
i made a mistake :
"taskkill /F /IM hlds.exe"
correct is :
taskkill /F /IM anticsdos.exe
Thank you for these great program , Shocker !

MiSi: Hi .
i had same problem :
and i made a fix for it .
it works for me !
try these :

1. create a file named restart.bat
2. edit file with notepad :

@echo off
title Restart Anti CSDOS by_[MiSi]
echo Restart Anti Csdos every 24 hours
echo (%date% %time%) Timer Started
PING -n 1 -w 86400000 >NUL
taskkill /F /IM anticsdos.exe
echo (%date% %time%) Anti Csdos Restarted !
goto top

3 . save it , and start it .
it will restart anti csdos once every day , and empty the log file , so no more out of memory .
Thank you for these great program , Shocker !

How to install it on: how to install it on VPS because it Says you cannot download this file you must be lgged in as administrator
please fix this problem soon as possible

yama: Daca ar fi ca un hacker ar fi bine pentru ca e bun....:

Prathamesh: Hey leme know if it works on linux or not...if i have to use it on linux then wht i have to do .... Thnsk dude..great work


Tyberion: Mulmumim shocker , apreciez munca ta..este un program foarte folositor si eficient. Multumim iar.

simon: gd i like it vd much
my friend always use CSDos to make tricks on me!!!

ken: 11/7/2011 - 16:44:25: "patch.dll" was not found! Try reinstalling the application.

waht should i do??

bruno: muito bom

frizzy: Error "Out of memory"
This error occurs every two minutes. WinXP x86 SP2. Fix it please )

Eta oshibka zaebala bleat'!!!!!

Inform me please

Kevin Li: Good

abe: Hi,
there is new attack to HLDS, what i should to fix ?

attacker send attack to just port 27015 and ping go around 300 and all players get dropo, but other ports stay 10 *(ping) and servers works okay .

Alan: I am a Hong Kong people,I use the Anti CSDoS v3.5
have this problems,
2010/11/23 - 下午 08:57:57: SV_ParseVoiceData fixed for HLDS 764
2010/11/23 - 下午 08:57:57: There was an error while patching HLDS with PID 764. Process not active?
2010/11/23 - 下午 08:57:57: Cannot fix SV_ParseVoiceData for 764. Already fixed or unsupported SWDS version?
2010/11/23 - 下午 08:57:57: There was an error while patching HLDS with PID 764. Process not active?
How to solve it???HElp~

Lambor: Anticsdos v3.5 is crash using Windows XP 64bit!!

fer123: hello
I have a problem with the program, shoot me a message:

23/10/2010 - 04:59:00 p.m.: SV_ParseVoiceData fixed for HLDS 18056

23/10/2010 - 04:59:01 p.m.: Cannot fix SV_ParseVoiceData for 18056. Already fixed or unsupported SWDS version?

works well or can I fix it?

Mafia: Very Goooooood

OptimusPRIME: I still get the problem Cannot fix SV_Parsevoicedata. Am using Anticsdos 3.5 on a protocol 47 HLDS.


Look this video ;)

abe: i installed anticsdos on my vps. problem is, it doesnt show which protection to choose.


Kobri: Any chance to fix the SV_ParseCvarValue2 exploit?