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Huge fake file creator

With this small piece of software you can create huge files (10TB maximum). No mather what size you choose, it will only take up 4KB from your disk memory.
The created files are pretty unusable, maybe just for fake sharing.

Works only on NTFS 5.0+ file systems

Size (archived)
165.38 KB

EE: Could you release the code?

mr.unknown: IT shows me an error
and the file created is of 0 bytes

naiyyar: it is best

Shocker: The real max limit would be ~16TB (uint64 max value), can't really remember why I used a hardcoded 10TB limit, probably assumed it would be enough

ooohhwee: good program, but why 10TB maximum?

Gautam: thnx

Shocker: Try restarting your computer first and then try to delete the file again

neil: just like nilesh's i made a fake file on my desktop and tried to share it but it seems i can't delete it myself! can u mail me solution pls

Shocker: Right click / Delete should work

nilesh : how do i delete the fake file created by fake file creator pls help or mail me solution

otoman: i have seen your all products all of them are mind blowing. keep it up duds

rani: hi ,
I want to see the source code of this program. Can you email it, if possible.
thnx in anticipation.

uc3nickul: frumos programelul miemi foloseste de multe ori mai ales pt huburi