AutoClicker updated, no more AV problems
MultiPacker updated, added Swedish
translation by Lasseca

Multi Packer v2.12

With Multi Packer you can create different types of packed stand-alone applications. Depdending on the packed file types, you can choose from 3 types of packing:
- Application pack: This is for packing other applications. You can select multiple executables, dynamic link libraries [.DLL] and any other files. After that, select one main executable [by clicking the Set main .EXE button] that will be launched when the pack is launched by the user.
- WebPage pack: If you have a webpage / website and you want to transport it in a compact way, this type of pack is the option you need to select. You can pack .HTM / .HTML files and select one index file [by clicking on the Set index file button] with which the executable shall start when the pack is launched. Ofcourse, you can also include pictures of any kind, or any other files. You can also choose a caption for your \"website\".
- Picture Slideshow: If pictures are what you want to compact, then select this option. It create a slideshow of pictures/images. The created executable is fully customizable: background color, title, items displayed, animation type, etc...

04/24/2008: Thanks to Andreas Michael Glasauer we now have a german (deutsch) translation for Multi Packer, you can download it from here

10/09/2008: Thanks to Edilson Caldas we now have a Portuguese (Brazilian) translation for Multi Packer, you can download it from here

11/05/2008: Thanks to JCVO 100% Ecuatoriano we now have an Espanol (Ecuador) translation for Multi Packer, you can download it from here

01/30/2009: Thanks to ZityiSoft - we now have a Hungarian translation for Multi Packer, you can download it from here

01/30/2009: Thanks to EL GRITON we now have a Polski (Polish) translation for Multi Packer, you can download it from here

02/16/2011: Thanks to Lasseca we now have a Swedish translation for Multi Packer, you can download it from here

08/23/2011: Thanks to Patrick.Bertin we now have a French translation for Multi Packer, you can download it from here

Place language files in the /languages folder of Multi Packer, generally c:\Program Files\Multi Packer\languages, or just download the latest version of MultiPacker with all language files included

Size (archived)
1.56 MB
English, Romanian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Swedish

mangomel: I finally found a free and good working packer! Great job.

I would like it would have an option to show or not loading dialog. And packed executable should keep it's original icon or there sould be an option to choose some icon. Best regards!

Robert: Window width/height" option is only when you do a slide show but is not when you make a web pack and convert it in exe. No possible to customize the window before exe presentation. Did you understand now?

Roberto: what i meant is, in the web pack there is not option to risize the window when the program is lanched. I know that in the slideshow is there bit not in the webpack option.

Roberto: Thank you for updating your application and well done! I am looking forward for the new options. Roberto

Shocker: @vic: haha, yes I did

@Patrick Bertin: Thank you very much! I have added the french translation too

Shocker: @Roberto: Yes there is, you have a "Window width/height" option

Roberto: Iti is possible to customize the frame window in different size?

Julio: an update would be good cross-platform windows xp -vista -seven more styles to change the multi purpose boot almost autoplay media studio works to run multiple files at once

vic: you went to CIA Cluj with this in 2007, right?

Patrick Bertin: Bonjour
je ne parviens pas à vous faire parvenir le fichier francais.ini de la traduction francaise de multipacker.
L'adresse [email protected] ne fonctionne pas ??
Avez vous une autre adresse Mail qui accepte les pieces jointes
Bien cordialement

Roberto: Dear Shocker I 'd like to add that some antivirus will not allow to run your application. Could you make sure may to use an install creator in exe. Just a suggestion.

Shocker: Roberto, not yet, sorry. I'm currently too busy, thanks again for the suggestions. About the "Username + password", currently there is a "password" feature

Ricardo CHang Penzi : A Good, Good, Good software...

Roberto: Dear ShockingSoft have you modified the software yet?
* Resizable window customizable
* Run time expire application
* Expiring Date
Thank you.
* User name + Password

diddl: Excellent work !
Suggestions :
Can the small window be NOT shown when starting a packed program ?

Shocker: @LeoCa, unfortunately not yet.
@DEVA, it's on my TO DO list, need just some free time
@Robert, yes, I'll add this to my TO DO list
@Chip, you can't edit too much data since the loaders are packed too, currently you would only be able to change the icon using a resource editor

Chip: [quote]Shocker: Currently you can't change the icon from MultiPacker, but you can use a resource editor like "Resource Hacker" to manually modify the icon of the .exe (09/29/2008 23:37)
I have googled for hours for licence info, discussions boards and can't find anything that helps me find out more. I did email you about the licence and how the product cn be modified etc.
Based on what you said, as quoted above, i was wondering how deep we can go into editing the look and the interface?
Also, i believe that on exe the files are decompressed into a temp folder! Is this temp folder always in the same place? I mean once the application is executed can the end user trace the temp folder and find the decompressed files.

Thanks in advance for any info and help!

Robert: Great application, well done!
Could you add to the application an expire run time based in how many time is possible to run the application with unlimited set. Thanks

DEVA: I have tried most of the packing softwares but Multipacker is the best. It will be better if you include a customizable icon fiture for the standalone exe

LeoCa: Hi Shocker, "... most AVs have crappy heuristic detection methods ..." I can´t proove any right or wrong on this point - the problem stays: As soon as I start an app (packed with MultiPacker) via USB on any other PC (at work, friends,eg) any AV goes mad: Is there no way around it?