AutoClicker updated, no more AV problems
MultiPacker updated, added Swedish
translation by Lasseca

- Added Sweedish language (Thanks to Patrick.Bertin)

- Added Sweedish language (Thanks to Lasseca)
- Removed ugly about box

- Added option "Check for updates on startup" to enable/disable automatic update checking on program startup
- Added Hungarian language (Thanks to ZityiSoft -
- Added Polski (Polish) language (Thanks to EL GRITON)

- Added Espanol (Ecuador) language (Thanks to JCVO 100% Ecuatoriano)

- Added Portuguese (Brazillian) language (Thanks to Edilson Caldas)

- Added German (Deutsch) language (Thanks to Andreas Michael Glasauer)

- Buffered pack creating and extracting, no more low memory problems
- Bugfix: at Picture Slideshow streched pictures were cut at the top and bottom ends
- More accurate progress bar

- Fixed the "Update" function [again]
- Bugfix: user couldn't cancel or exit the application if the password fields didn't match
- Added automatic background check for updates at program startup
- Fixed a MAJOR bug, packs were not working

- Fixed the "Update" function
- Added the posibility to choose comments for each image from Picture Slideshow
- Improved "Simple" encryption time, 4 times faster
- Added "Jump box" at the App/WebPage Pack screen, above the directory treeview, enter path and press enter
- Added "Exclusion List" at compression, user can choose which files should not be compressed
- Bugfix: "Use Compression" state is now saved in / read from project files
- Added progress bar at the pack-creating step
- Application / WebPage pack directory treeview now shows hidden folders
- User must now enter the password twice at the final step before creating the pack
- Bugfix: Error while handling very BIG images, now draws error text on image, not crashing the app
- User can now CANCEL the pack creation process
- Minor fixes at the "Set Language" function
- Pack creating procedure is now multi threaded, no more application freezing
- Added posibility to add a Navigation Toolbar at "WebPage Pack"
- Picture Slideshow toolbar static background color [black]
- Picture Slideshow: Ignore extension and treat images based on their real content type
- User can now press to submit the password at the Password Screen or to quit
- Files aren't extracted in temporary directory at Picture Slideshow anymore
- Some major fixes at the isotropic resizing
- Added "Preview" checkbox
- Added loading screen at created packs
- Bugfix: Move Up / Move Down buttons on opened projects
- Pack size decreased

- Changed the isotropic resizing procedure, more accurate and faster
- Replaced the Blowfish and Cast256 encryption algorithms with Twofish and Rijndael
- The hash stored in the pack file is salted now

- Added isotropic resizing with blur if "Stretch" button checked [at Picture Slideshow]
- Added shell integration for .MPK files [associated Multi Packer with .mpk files]
- Changed the compression routine
- DelZip179.dll is not needed anymore, pack size decreased

- Added "Command line" feature for Application Pack
- Added "Check for updates" feature
- Bugfix: error with DelZip179.dll
- Bugfix at password-protected packs, multiple password requests repaired
- Bugfix when setting the InstallPath in registry on application install

- First public release