AutoClicker updated, no more AV problems
MultiPacker updated, added Swedish
translation by Lasseca

- Renamed "General info" to "Content info"
- New info on content page (attributes, content type: binary/text, last accessed/modified, created)
- Code rewritten, optimized and much faster
- Content type detection algorithm and hardcore packer/cryptor/etc scan improved, more efficient, better results, and also running in different threads, no more main application freezing
- Added info about two more directories: Delay import descriptor and COM+ Runtime Header (PE Info tab)
- More detailed import info, now shows Thunk offset and value too
- Much more detaild export info: RVA and offset for exported functions and if is a forwarded function, library info: number of functions/names, original name, addres of ordinals/functions/names, base, etc
- At content info, at the header & content analyze, results are now displayed in percentages and the most probable content type is highlighted.
- After the header & content analyze, if the current extension of the file differs from the most probable extension of the file, Analyze It offers the possibility to fix the extension for the user.
- Drag and drop files into Analyze It! from windows explorer
- "Ignore sig length" removed from content info
- - Full characteristics informations for each section of the PE File

- Added "Windows styled border" checkbox to disable/enable the custom window border
- Added "Integrate Analyze It! into the context menu" checkbox
- Fixed the "Hardcore packer/cryptor/compressor detection", no more errors
- Significantaly reduced the scan time for huge files

- First public release